Eric Cayeux is a key member of the D-WIS team and his papers are stated as “must-reading in the field” in the latest edition of JPT.

NORCE is working to enable interoperability between drilling systems, encompassing automation, monitoring, or analysis systems. This will be achieved by developing semantical interoperability standards that allow the various components of drilling operations to exchange real-time data in a meaningful and unambiguous way.

D-WIS (Drilling and Wells Interoperability Standards) is an initiative for establishing recommended practices and standards that enable interoperability between all components, equipment, and systems used in oil and gas well construction – regardless of the type of provider. The D-WIS initiative is now part of The Open Group OSDU Forum (, with the creation of "The OSDU D-WIS Program.

Levels of Interoperability:

1. Technical- drilling systems can exchange binary signals with each other, but there are no requirements that the systems can make sense of the binary data.

2. Syntactical- there is a protocol that allows sending/receive numerical values between drilling systems under access control.

3. Semantic- There is an agreement about the meaning of exchanged data between drilling systems.

4. Dynamic- New drilling data information can be added on the fly and drilling systems can interpret the meaning of the data.

5. Organizational- Different disciplines can exchange drilling data regardless of their different domain perspectives.

Levels 1-4 are focus areas for D-WIS and the second phase of the Demo2000 project DDHub II (DSID), while number 5 is the focus area for DDHub+ in SFI DigiWells.

In December NORCE aims for a demonstration showing the progress for both D-WIS, DDHub II, and DDHub+.

You can read more about how Eric Cayeux plays an important role in the work in D-WIS in the June edition of JPT (Journal of Petroleum Technology):

Relevant papers:

· SPE 194110 Toward Seamless Interoperability Between Real-Time Drilling Management and Control Applications by E. Cayeux, B. Daireaux, N. Saadallah, Norwegian Research Centre, et al.

· Autonomous Decision-Making While Drilling by E. Cayeux, B. Daireaux, A. Ambrus, Norwegian Research Centre, et al.